Passionate and experienced Musician with several years of experience, in band performances. A skilled guitar, bass and synth player, adept at writing and arranging music. Experienced in digital composition and recording processes. Bringing forth a self motivated attitude and a lifelong love and commitment to music.

Black Death and Thrash Metal band founded in 1989 in Crete, Greece. They moved to Athens in 1992, a mini tour took place in Greece and Holland (Dec. '94) and later on, in the next year, they released "Thy blackest Love" demo and started their career by signing up with the Dutch label Mascot Records
Bass, Keyboards 1993-present
• 1994 The Revelation of Higher Mysteries             
• 1996 Unspeakable Cults                                    
• 1996 Thy Blackest Love Demo                           
• 2002 Running Sore                                           
• 2011 Seasons of Darkness                                     
• 2017     Howling Flames EP

Double click to editFuneral Storm As N.C.:Keyboards (2015-2018)
• 2017         Funeral Rite  Split           
Kawir Bass (1995-1997, 2007-200
• 2014 Nyktos Teletisin: 20 Years of Recordings Compilation        
• Zion Keyboards (Guest appearance)
• 2005    Drakula
• Music Performance
• Music Composition
• Advanced Communication - Adaptability
• Music Technology
• Live Production


Nick supports bulk strings and plays with no logo picks use Gibson guitars, Jackson guitars, Esp guitars, Bc Rich guitars, Fender guitars, Ovation Guitars, Daion guitars. Korg and Clavia Nord Lead for his synth session. Mesa boogie and Kemper amplifiers.

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