A band with a long history and its roots in the purest metal, you are to discover a perfect mixture of aggression and melody. Founded in 1989 in Chania Crete and stamped by a primitive thrash/death metal style, Deviser moved to Athens in 1992 and attracted the interest of the underground scene with demos and a 7" E.P., in 1994, entitled The Revelation Of Higher MysteriesTeutonic Existence Records.





Black Death and Thrash Metal band founded in 1989 in Crete, Greece. They m

oved to Athens in 1992, a mini tour took place in Greece and Holland December 94 and later on, in the next year, they released The blackest Love demo and started their career by signing up with the Dutch label Mascot Records Deviser is a Greek black metal band playing melodic black metal with some atmospheric keyboards. In fact their sound, though it's quite recognizable on its own, can easily be described as the "Greek black metal" sound as you can found similarities to it in the sound of their countrymates Rotting Christ and a couple of other bands from the same country.
Running Sore
Running Sore
Digital Album
Our 3th Album recorded back in 2002 at Black Digital studios-Athens-Released by LSP Records Belgium Produced by Deviser All music by Deviser Lyrics by MatH.
Transmission to Chaos
Transmission to Chaos
Digital Album
"Re-released remastered edition by Psychon SEPTIC FLESH-Sound Abuse Productions-Athens Transmission to chaos was released back in 1998
Howling Flames
Howling Flames
Digital Album
Includes unlimited streaming of "HowIing Flames" via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3,I FLAC and more.
Unspeakable Cults
Digital Album
Deviser is one of the most historical black metal bands in Greece and not only. This album is a truly ritual, an hymn to the atmospheric black metal, a tribute to the originality of dark sound.

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i Tunes
Big Cartel
1. Transmission to Chaos (3:00)
2. Sailed by Night (4:28)
3. Satyr, Hail! (3:22)
4. Transcendent Beauty (6:18)
5. A Story of the Wind (5:02)
6. Deamonolatreia (5:16)
7. The Dark Mood Gathered (3:21)
8. Open Shaft to Lunacy (3:49)
9. Oneiric Aphasia (6:30)
Running Sore
1. Signals From Another World (4:13)
2. I Am in Awe (4:37)
3. Liber Animus (4:18)
4. Bemused Minds (5:32)
5. Mourn the Dead (5:17)
6. From the Starry Voids (5:01)
7. Under the Lunar Skies (3:41)
8. Sge Who Is to Come (7:08)
9. Descend Among the Damned (3:34)
Howling Flames
1.BLACK MASS(Feat.Sakis Tolis-Rotting Christ) 05:58
2.Where Evil Dwells 06:56
3.The Cell 04:00
Unspeakable Cults
1. Stand and Deliver 03:52
2. Darkness Incarnate 05:52
3. Threnody 03:53
4. When Nightmares Begin 04:29
5. The Rape of Holiness 05:36
6. Ritual Orgy 03:24
7. Dangers of a Real and Concrete Nature 03:21
8. The Fire Burning Bright 03:56
9. In the Horror Field 03:06
10. Afterkill 01:20
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