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winter merch coming soon

Black Death and Thrash Metal band founded in 1989 in Crete, Greece. They moved to Athens in 1992, a mini tour took place in Greece and Holland December 94 and later on, in the next year, they released The blackest Love demo and started their career by signing up with the Dutch label Mascot Records Deviser is a Greek black metal band playing melodic black metal with some atmospheric keyboards. In fact their sound, though it's quite recognizable on its own, can easily be described as the "Greek black metal" sound as you can found similarities to it in the sound of their countrymates Rotting Christ and a couple of other bands from the same country.

The call of Evil comes to darken the whole earth this February through Hammerheart Records. “Evil summons Evil” New album 2023 The most important album since the classic Unspeakable Cults Official release Date :10th February 2023
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Absence of Heaven
Deviser-"Evil Summons Evil"-official studio teaser for the upcoming album
A black metal opus from the Greek veterans blacksters will be released in 2022.
Hellenic Black Cult
Directed by Haris Kountouris
Produced by Psychon(SEPTIC FLESH)
Recorded at Sound Abuse Productions(ATHENS-GREECE)
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“Unspeakable Cults” will be released, in Latin America in cd format by Covil Rec. (Remastered edition by Psychon Nyne-Septic Flesh-Sound Abuse Productions) The fire 🔥 burning bright!
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