A band with a long history and its roots in the purest metal, you are to discover a perfect mixture of aggression and melody. Founded in 1989 in Crete and stamped by a primitive thrash/death metal style, Deviser moved to Athens in 1992 and attracted the interest of the underground scene with demos and a 7" E.P., in 1994, entitled "The Revelation Of Higher Mysteries"(Teutonic Existence Records).
A mini tour took place in Greece and Holland (Dec. '94) in the context of the promotion regarding this release and later on, in the next year, Deviser released "Thy blackest Love" demo. With this release, Deviser signed up with the dutch label Mascot Records for two full length Cds. DEVISER recorded their debut album "Unspeakable Cults" at Praxis studio (Athens) in August/September '96. This album dragged air into the burning lungs of black metal with a unique sense of extremity with dreamy melodies. On frequences of chaos the individuals returned with "Transmission to chaos" (1998) ,the 2nd album with Mascot Recs, a strong release full of aggression. Great reviews in the international metal press and successful live performances proved the increasing maturity of Deviser. In 1999, Deviser recorded a promo for record labels and the band signed up with Lsp-Record Company from Belgium. "Running sore", the 3rd album, came out in 2002 and attracted huge interest again, within the international metal press. A scheduled European tour with Panchrysia was cancelled.
 "Thy blackest Love-Early years" CD, was released by Sleaszyrider Records in 2004, which contains rare songs and outtakes. In 2006, Deviser recorded a full length album ,entitled "Seasons of darkness".
An album that is a step beyond for the band, including current music elements, a sound journey recorded in Athens and re-mixed/mastered in Germany (Prophecy studios). "Seasons of darkness" will be released by Metalfighters records,March 2011.At this time period,Deviser focused on the prepoduction of the 5th album,the album will be released, from Sleaszy Rider Records.
 The new 7" EP & CD Single "Howling Flames" will also be released this Autumn to warm you up!